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Author Reggi Allder Visits & Shares A Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Today I welcome Reggi Allder to my blog! Reggi writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance. Today she’s sharing her Quick and Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe, and a chance to win an eBook if you sign up for her newsletter. See links below.

Reggi, please tell us about your latest release and how much research was needed for the book.

The latest book is called Her Country Heart The first novel in the Sierra Creek Series, Small Town Big Love. Have you ever wondered what happened to your high school crush? Amy Long is about to find out.

As a contemporary writer, the research for each book depends on the subject. Sometimes there is a lot of it; other times the story is straight forward and I don’t have much to look up. But I do enjoy the hunt for information. Even as a kid I spent a lot of time in the library learning about any subject that caught my interest. One of the things I like about writing is that there’s always something new to learn.

Her Country Heart is a contemporary but it is set in the historic California foothills. Having spent many years living in California, I knew about the California Gold Rush in 1849. But with research I discovered not only gold but gems were found in the Sierra Mountain foothills. This includes garnets and even diamonds. Who would have thought? J

Choosing a hero: Navy Seal or cowboy? A fellow writer asked the question. If an alpha hero is needed either will work. However, I grew up in a small town where “old timers” told stories of cowboys’ exploits. My mom even had a collection of old cowboy movies. So it was an easy choice for me. I mean who doesn’t like a cowboy? A strong man with a hard body, who, without a gun, can tame a wild horse, a bad guy or a good woman. What do you think?

A cowboy needs a horse. Finding out about quarter horses was a joy for me. As a kid I dreamed of owning one. Though it never happened, I still admire the animal for its control and durability. No horse but we had a Border collie named Rex, sweetest, smartest dog ever. It happens that the breed is very intelligent and works well with livestock. So I put a Border collie in the Sierra Creek Books and named the dog Rex.

The book takes place on an apple farm. It could have been on a corn or wheat farm but the apple hold so much symbolism it seemed right. The apple tree in the Garden of Eden spells temptation. Amy is sorely tempted by her old crush, Wyatt, but what is his agenda?

Famous sayings concerning apples:
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
“You’re the apple of my eye.”

About Reggi Allder

Reggi likes nothing better than telling tales of love lost and then found or stories of heroes and heroines who discover love and then wonder if they’ll live long enough to enjoy it. She studied screen writing and creative writing at UCLA and is a past chapter president of Romance Writers of America and is a current RWA member. She’s married and has two kids and two dogs. She is happy to hear from her readers. “It makes my day when I hear from them.”

Her Country Heart

A Sierra Creek Series, Small town Big Love, now available on Amazon.

Amy Long needs a fresh start. After years living in San Francisco and vowing never to return home, she’s back in the town of Sierra Creek to run her grandmother’s farm. Does she belong in the small town?
Cowboy Wyatt Cameron doesn’t think so. As half owner, he’s promised to sell the farm and send her packing.
Even though anger toward Wyatt pulses in Amy, his magnetism calls to her. Damn her female response to his sex appeal. Her grandmother must have felt the pull of his charm too. Was that how he got the woman to sign over half the place to him?

Her Country Heart Excerpt

“Sierra Creek,” the driver shouted as the Greyhound Bus came to an abrupt stop on the two lane highway.
     Amy Long pushed her hair behind her ears and grabbed her worn suitcase. Surprised to see her hand tremble, she seized the case with both hands and rushed toward the front of the bus.
     A gust of hot wind slapped her face as she stepped off the bus. Gravel pelted her bare legs when it drove away. She squinted and read a faded road sign, Sierra Creek population five thousand. There wasn’t a building in sight.
     After years of living in the city, she’d forgotten how sweltering and desolate it was here. She’d vowed never to return to home. Odd it was the first place that came to mind when she and her young son needed a fresh start.
     With Granny gone there was no family left to welcome her. She swallowed a sob. Maybe it was a mistake to come back.
     The relentless afternoon sun beat down on her shoulders and her arms began to burn. San Francisco, the air conditioned city, seemed a million miles away.
     Impatient, she cleared her dry throat, wiped perspiration from her forehead and let out a groan as the minutes ticked by. What wouldn’t she give for some shade and a bottle of ice water?
     With a sigh, she pulled out her smart phone and checked the time. Thirty minutes since she’d arrived at the bus stop and not a single car had gone by. Where was the arranged ride into town?
     Granny’s handyman was supposed to meet her. He obviously wasn’t a stickler about being on time. She reminded herself she was in the California foothills not in a busy metropolis where time was money.
     The sound of a truck rumbled in the distance. With the back of her hand, she pushed her bangs out of her eyes and squinted. Hopeful, she watched the pick-up come closer. A shiny black Ford F 150 with extended cab pulled up in front of her.
     “Amy?” A man yelled through the open window as his brown hair fell casually over a high forehead and deep-set blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight. She moved nearer and stared at his wide cheek bones, square jaw and full lips. About thirty?
     A flutter of recognition stirred in her as palpable charm radiated from his broad smile, Wyatt Cameron.
     His muscular arms flexed as his huge hands squeezed the steering wheel. “Don’t just stand there. Get in. The judge is waiting.”©


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Reggi Allder’s Quick and Easy Pumpkin Pie

1 frozen deep dish pie shell. If you have a favorite recipe for crust you can use it, but this is a quick way to get the pie done and go back to writing.J
1 regular size can of pure pumpkin only, do not use the pre-seasoned pumpkin.
2 beaten eggs or use three egg whites if you wish.
½ cup sugar or sugar substitute, we use Splenda.
½ cup of half and half or cream.
1 ½ teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice; more or less spice can be used according to your taste.

Pre-heat oven 425 F (220 c) degrees; the rack should be in the center of the oven.
In a large bowl beat eggs and mix in spice and sugar or sugar substitute.
Add pumpkin and stir. Slowly add half and half continue to stir.
Take frozen pie crust and pour pumpkin mixture into the shell.
Place pie on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven.
Bake pie at 425F (220 c) for 10 minutes and set a timer.
Reduce heat to 375 F (180c) and cook for 35 -45 minutes. Check at 25 minutes. Pie is finished when inserted knife comes out clean. Take out of the oven and cool.
Pie may be eaten warm or cold. Serve plain or add whipped cream or whipped cream substitute such as Cool Whip.

See my website for more recipes.